BS in Biophysics

Biophysics is a new, exciting interdisciplinary area with expanding career opportunities. The past 20 years have witnessed a revolution in biophysical sciences.  Biology studies life in its variety and complexity. It describes how organisms go about getting food, communicating, sensing the environment, and reproducing. On the other hand, physics looks for mathematical laws of nature and makes detailed predictions about the forces that drive idealized systems. Spanning the distance between the complexity of life and the simplicity of physical laws is the challenge of biophysics. Looking for the patterns in life and analyzing them with math and physics is a powerful way to gain insights.  Biophysics looks for principles that describe patterns. If the principles are powerful, they make detailed predictions that can be tested.

We help our students to get jobs directly from college or to go on to further study as they like. Biophysics offers an excellent preparation for medical school exams and for professional fields such as medicine, patent law, medical technology, secondary school teaching, and medical physics as traditionally defined in radiology and imaging, as well as for graduate studies in such specialties as biotechnology or nanobiology.

The curriculum as described in the online catalog is for students entering NJIT as freshmen in the Fall, 2011.