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Multi-Disciplinary Optical Science and Engineering Program

lasersWhat is the OPSE Program?

The OPSE program is a collection of multi-disciplinary applied optical sciences and engineering courses are being offered at NJIT which (1) provide a unified, multi-departmental optical science/ engineering curriculum and (2) emphasize optics courses which will provide laboratory and classroom training to undergraduate and graduate students in emerging areas of industrial and technological importance. The program focuses on the collective strengths of the Applied Physics Degree Program (offered through the Physics Department) and the Engineering college : Environmental monitoring and detection of pollutants, biophotonics, industrial process monitoring, optoelectronics, and ultrafast optics and optoelectronics.

The OPSE Program enjoys the support from Edmund Optics.

Curriculum Development

The curriculum development focuses on the theme of teaching optical science and engineering as an enabling technology. Students will learn not only the fundamental principles of optical science and engineering, but also technologically relevant applications of those principles to biomedical engineering and medicine, optoelectronics, environmental monitoring, industrial process monitoring and position control, and ultrafast optical and optoelectronic phenomena. The following sequence of courses are offered:

Degree Programs

There are a variety of ways in which you can pursue a track in the optical sciences. Those listed below are the current options:

  • B.S. Applied Physics concentrating in Optics
  • Minor in Applied Physics (focusing on Optical Science and Engineering)
  • Dual Major programs (Applied Physics/ Math or Applied Physics/ Computer Science) allows students to take OPSE courses as electives.

Please consult the respective department representative for further information.


Some of our OPSE materials are archived in NJIT’s OpenCourseWare site.  OCW is a collaboration of more than 200 higher education institutions from around the world that make high quality educational materials available  at no cost to faculty, students, and self-learners throughout the world.  NJIT’s participation in the OCW enables us to add to the sharing of knowledge worldwide.

Preview and enjoy the material there.  But, in order to get academic credits, you’ll have to actually register for the courses.