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Lanzerotti, Louis J.

Contact Info
Title: Distinguished Research Professor
Office: Tiernan 101
Phone: 973-596-5343
Dept: Physics, Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research

Expert In: solar physics

About Me


Positions Held
1965                 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University
1965-1967         Post-Doctoral Fellow, Bell Laboratories
1967-1982         Member of the Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories
1978-1996         Adjunct Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering University of
                        Florida, Gainesville
1982-1996         Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ
1996-2001         Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories, Lucent
Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ
2001-2008         Consultant, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies/Alcatel Lucent,
Murray Hill, NJ
2002-                Distinguished Research Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark,
Publications and Patents
Author or co-author of more than 500 refereed publications
Co-author of 1 book; Co-editor of 4 books
Eight patents issued
Awards and Honors
Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society),1959. Phi Kappa Phi, 1959. Knight of St. Pat (Engineering Honor), 1960. Lisle Abbott Rose Engineering Award, 1960. Sigma Xi, 1963. NASA Dist. Public Service Medal, 1988, 1994. NASA Scientific Achievement Medal, 1996. Regents Lecturer, Univ. Calif. Los Angeles, 1987. 24th Harry G. Armstrong Lecture, Aerospace Medicine Association, 1989. Waynick Memorial Lecture, Penn State U., 1991. Benton Lecture, College Engineering, Univ. Florida, 1994. 5th Annual. Mass. Space Grant Public Lecture, MIT, 1994. 20th William F. Marlar Lecture, Rice Univ., 2003.  32nd Herzfeld Lecture, Catholic U., 2013. Antarctic Service Medal of the U.S., 1979. Mt. Lanzerotti, Antarctica (74´50´S, 70´33´W). Minor Planet 5504 Lanzerotti. Fellow, American Geophysical Union 1985. Fellow, Inst. Electrical Electronics Engineering. Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Fellow, American Association Advancement of Science. Fellow, American Physical Society. William Nordberg Medal, COSPAR, 2004. William Bowie Medal, American Geophysical Union, 2011. Innovators Award, NJ Inventors Hall of Fame 2012. Basic Science Award, International Academy of Astronautics, 2012. Space Weather Award, American Meteorological Society 2014. International Academy of Astronautics,1987. National Academy of Engineering,1988
Society Memberships
National Academy of Engineering. Institute Electrical Electronics Engineers. International Academy of Astronautics. American Astronomical Society. American Physical Society. American Geophysical Union. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. American Astronomical Society, American Association for Advancement of Science
Elective Offices
Harding Township, NJ, School Board, 1982-1990; Vice-President, 1985-1990.
Harding Township, NJ, Committee (governing body), 1993-present; Mayor 2007-2009, 2013.




  • PhD, Harvard University
  • AM, Harvard University
  • BS, University of Illinois

Courses I Teach

Not teaching any courses this semester

Research Interests

Studies in geophysics and space plasma physics as related to planetary magnetospheres, energetic particles emitted by the sun, and the engineering impacts of natural and artificial space phenomena on space and terrestrial technologies.