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Nita, Gelu M.

Contact Info
Title: Associate Research Professor
Office: 403 Tiernan Hall
Phone: 973-596-3437
Dept: Physics/ Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research

About Me


  • 2004, Ph.D. in Applied Physics, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
  • 1987, B.S. in Physics, University of Bucharest

Awards and Honors

  • May 2003: Zirin SPD Studentship Award 
  • Sep 1998: Romanian Ministry of Education Award for Excellence in Educational and Scientific Activity 
  • March 1995: Romanian Ministry of Education Honor Award for Outstanding Results in Teaching Physics

Courses I Teach

Not teaching any courses this semester

Research Interests

  • Statistical studies based on large databases of radio data from the Ovens Valley Solar Array (OVSA) and National Geophysical Data Center at NOAA, with special focus on Space Weather effects.
  • Statistical studies of spectral characteristics of solar radio emission observed with OVSA.
  • Spectral dynamics of solar radio bursts.
  • Coherent and smooth decimetric components of radio bursts observed with OVSA and search for evidence to support radio emission mechanisms such as Cyclotron Maser Emission or Transition Radiation.
  • Radio Frequency Interference mitigation based on data obtained with the newly designed FASR Subsystem Testbed (FST) instrument (currently operating at OVSA)
  • Radio imaging
  • Coherent radio emission detection and characterization using the FST instrument.
  • Software development for real time instrument control, data acquisition, and data analysis.

Online Presentations

Selected Publications

Peak Frequency Dynamics in Solar Microwave Bursts; V. F. Melnikov, D. E. Gary, and G. M. Nita, 2008, SOLAR PHYSICS, DOI 10.1007/s11207-008-9275-8

Radio frequency interference excision in solar dynamic spectra using variance-based spectral statistics;  XiaoliWang, Hongya Ge, Gelu M. Nita, and Dale E. Gary, 2008, ICASSP, IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ACOUSTICS, SPEECH AND SIGNAL PROCESSING - PROCEEDINGS, 4518445, 3657-3660

Delta E E ect for Polycrystalline Ferromagnetic Rods; N. Cretu, G. Nita, and A. Boer, 2008, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ONULTRASONICS, FERROELECTRICS, AND FREQUENCY CONTROL, 55(2), 415

Radio Frequency Interference Excision Using Spectral Domain Statistics; Gelu M. Nita, Dale E. Gary, Zhiwei Liu, Gordon J. Hurford, & StephenM. White, 2007, PUBLICATIONS OF THE ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF THE PACIFIC, 119, 805.

A Subsystem Test Bed for the Frequency-Agile Solar Radiotelescope; Zhiwei Liu, Dale E. Gary, Gelu M. Nita, Stephen M. White, & Gordon J.Hurford, 2007, PUBLICATIONS OF THE ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF THE PACIFIC, 119, 303.

Collapse of Transient Nucleation Fluxes in a Cold Ising Ferromagnet; Vitaly A. Shneidman and Gelu M. Nita, 2006, PHYS. REV. LETT., 97,065703.

Noise in wireless systems from solar radio burstsLanzerotti, L. J., Gary, D. E., Nita, G. M., Thomson, D. J., and Maclennan, C. G., 2005, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, Elsevier, 36/12,2253-2257.

Spatial Evidence for Transition Radiation in a Solar Radio Burst; Nita, G. M., Gary, D. E., and Fleishman, G. D., 2005, THE ASTRO-PHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS, 629, L65-L68.

About Two Cluster Generating AlgorithmsGelu M. Nita, 2005, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, Elsevier, 206(2), 578-596.

Evidence for Resonant Transition Radiation in Decimetric Continuum So-lar Bursts; G. D. Fleishman, Gelu M. Nita, and Dale E. Gary, 2005, THE ASTRO-PHYSICAL JOURNAL, 620, 506-516.