Mission Statement

One of the primary responsibilities of the Physics Department is to educate the next generation of scientists, engineers and scientifically informed citizenry through research-intensive education in the physical sciences and related technologies.   In these days of rapid advances in science and technology, we are also faced with the fact that advances require interdisciplinary approaches i.e. many advances in science and technology are not within one discipline but, occur at the boundaries of many disciplines.   We are addressing these complexities by requiring senior level specialty courses, which by their very nature require interdisciplinary approaches.

To maintain our leadership in the forefront of scientific research such as: solar-terrestrial and astrophysical research, photonics, imaging and optical sciences, biophysics, material science, microelectronics etc. we continue our research efforts in the direction of applications of basic principles and the development of new devices.   By its very nature the Physics Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology is an Applied Physics Program as opposed to a traditional theoretical physics program.   We pride ourselves on our accomplishments and at present we have over $5,500,000 in research grants.   Please come join us.

Another part of our mission involves service to the rest of the NJIT community, the broader community and the nation through education, expert scientific advice, communication of scientific viewpoints, and participation in defining the future  of science, technology and society.   As an example New Jersey Institute of Technology runs the Big Bear Solar Observatory in California, which is one of the largest solar telescopes in the world.   Scientists from around the world use this observatory and the interchange of information at this facility is truly global.