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Wenda Cao

Cao, Wenda
Professor, Physics
101 Tiernan Hall
About Me
Professional Societies
  • 2002-present: American Astronomical Society (AAS)
  • 2002-present: Solar Physics Division (SPD/AAS)
  • 1998-present: International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
My Research Interests

Observation and Research

Two-dimensional spectroscopy and polarimetry, infrared high resolution observations, temporal evolution of solar active regions, dynamics of small-scale magnetic fields, flares and filament eruptions, solar radio bursts.

Selected Publications

[1] Cao, W., Jing, J., Ma, J., Xu, Y., Wang, H., Goode, P. R.: Diffraction-limited Polarimetry from the Infrared Imaging Magnetograph at Big Bear Solar Observatory, Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific 118, 838, 2006

[2] Cao, W., Hartkorn, K., Ma, J., Xu, Y., Spirock, T., Wang, H., Goode, P. R.: First Light of the Near-Infrared Narrow-Band Tunable Birefringent Filter at the Big Bear Solar Observatory, Solar Phys. 238, 207, 2006

[3] Xu, Y., Cao, W., Liu, C., Yang, G., Jing, J., Denker, C., Emslie, A. G., Wang, H.: High-Resolution Observations of Multiwavelength Emissions during Two X-Class White-Light Flares, Astrophys. J. 641, 1210, 2006

[4] Deng, N., Xu, Y., Yang, G., Cao, W., Liu, C., Rimmele, T. R., Wang, H., Denker, C.: Multiwavelength Study of Flow Fields in Flaring Super Active Region NOAA 10486, Astrophys. J. 644, 1278, 2006

[5] Cao, W., Xu, Y., Denkes, C., Wang, H.: 1024¡Á1024 HgCdTe CMOS Camera for Infrared Imaging Magnetograph at the Big Bear Solar Observatory, Proc. SPIE 5881, 245, 2005

[6] Xu, Y., Cao, W., Ma, J., Hartkorn, K., Jing, J., Denker, C., Wang, H.: Properties of Small Dark Features Observed in the Pure Near-Infrared and Visible Continua, Astrophys. J. 628, L167, 2005

[7] Denker, C., Mascarinas, D., Xu, Y., Cao, W., Yang, G., Wang, H., Goode, P. R., Rimmele, T. R.: High-Spatial Resolution Imaging Combining High-Order Adaptive Optics, Frame Selection, and Speckle Masking Reconstruction, Solar Phys. 227, 217, 2005

[8] Cao, W., Denker, C., Wang, H., Ma, J., Qu, M., Wang, J., Goode, P. R.: Characteristic Evaluation of a Near-Infrared Fabry-Perot Filter for Infrared Imaging Magnetograph (IRIM), Proc. SPIE 5171, 307, 2004

[9] Xu. Y., Cao, W., Liu, C., Yang, G., Qiu, J., Jing, J., Denker, C., Wang, H.: Near-Infrared Observations at 1.56 microns of the 2003 October 29 X10 White-Light Flare, Astrophys. J. 607, L131, 2004

[10] Yang, G., Xu, Y., Cao, W., Wang, H., Denker, C., Rimmele, T. R.: Photospheric Shear Flows along the Magnetic Neutral Line of Active Region 10486 prior to an X10 Flare, Astrophys. J. 617, L151, 2004

[11] Wang, D., Deng, Y., Cao, W.: Near Infrared Waveplate, Proc. SPIE 5492, 1786, 2004

[12] Matt, P. J., Cao, W., Walton, S., Chapman, G. and Livingston, W.: Ti I 2231 nm Zeeman Splitting in a Sunspot, Solar Phys.213, 55, 2003

[13] Matt, P. J., Cao, W., Walton, S., Chapman, G. and Livingston, W.: Weak Infrared Molecular Lines Reveal Rapid Outflow in Cool Magnetic Sunspot Penumbral Fibrils, Astrophys. J. 590, L119, 2003

[14] Cao, W., Ye, B., Wang, D., Song, Q.: Stokes Polarimetry at Near Infrared 1.56 microns for Solar Observation, Proc. SPIE 4480, 176, 2002