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George Georgiou

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Phone: 973-596-5690
Dept: Physics




  • ·         Ph.D., Plasma Physics, Columbia University, 1980.
  • ·         M.S., Applied Physics, Columbia University, 1975.
  • ·         B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University. 1974 


  • ·         Additional Education: 
  • Electrical Engineering – 1996-1997
  • Columbia University, New York, NY 10027
  • Additional Courses and Projects in Analog and RF Circuit Design and Cmmunications Networks.



Teaching at NJIT

ECE 618                                         Renewable Energy II

MtSE 681                                       Composite Materials

OPSE 410                                       Biomedical Optics

Physics 111 and 102                     Classical Mechanics Introductory Course

Physics 121                                    Electromagnetics  Introductory Course

Physics 203                                    Earth in Space                                   

Physics 611                                    Advanced Classical Mechanics

Physics 721                                    Classical Electrodynamics II

Physics 731                                    Quantum Mechanics II





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Book Chapter:

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