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Halina Opyrchal

Opyrchal, Halina
, Physics
454 Tiernan
About Me

´╗┐Dr. Opyrchal┬┤s Resume

  • PhD, Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • MS, Polytechnic University (Poland)
Courses Taught

Summer 2008

  • PHYS 102

Spring 2008

  • PHYS 121
  • MTSE 301
Research Interests
  • Optical characterization of novel semiconductor materials
  • Storage phosphor sensor for x-ray imaging
  • IR sensors, Strained-layer semiconductors
  • Recombination luminescence
  • Photoluminescence Spectroscopy Radiation induced color centers
  • Radiation stimulated aggregation, Mechanical effect of radiation
Selected Publications

H. Opyrchal, K.K.Chin, E.Kohn, W. Ebert (1997) "The Optical Characterization of Boron-Doped MPCVD Diamond Films," Diamond and Related Mater., 6: 940-943.

H. Opyrchal and M.Manfredi (1990) " Effect of g -Irradiation on Optical Properties of Eu2+ Ions in KCl:Eu System," J.Mater.Sci., 25: 113-115.

H.Opyrchal, K.D.Nierzewski, and B.Macalik (1989) " Low Temperature g -Irradiation Effect on KCl:Eu2+ ," Solid State Commun., 71: 783-787.

M.Suszynska, H.Opyrchal, K.D.Nierzewski, B.Macalik, A.Gubanski (1987) "Influence of g -Irradiation on some properties of NaCl:Eu2+," Radiation Eff., 100: 296-312

M.Suszynska, H.Opyrchal, M.Czapelski, M.Manfredi (1987) "Europium precipitates in Monocrystalline NaCl," J.Mater.Sci., 22: 715-721.

H.Opyrchal, K.D.Nierzewski, B.Macalik, M.Mladenowa (1986) "g -Ray Induced Coloration of KCl:Eu2+," Phys. Status Solidi (b) 135 : 141-148

H.Opyrchal, M.Manfredi, (1990) "Spectroscopic Evidences of Eu-V Dipole Precipitation in KCl:Eu Crystals," Phys.Status Solidi (a) 121: 407-414

H.Opyrchal, B.Macalik, and K.D.Nierzewski (1989) "The Coloration Effects in KCl:Eu2+Crystals at 200 K," Cryst.Res.Technol., 2: 175-180.

M.Manfredi, R.Capelletti, D.Cassi, R.Cywinski, H.Opyrchal, K.Polak (1989) " Impurity Aggregation in Ionic Crystals Studied by Means of Energy Transfer," Cryst.Latt.Def. and Amorph.Mat., 18 : 63-80.

D.Cassi, M.Manfredi, H.Opyrchal, M.Suszynska (1987) "Aggregation Processes of Impurities in Alkali Halides Investigated by Means of Time Resolved Spectroscopy: Evidence for Fractal Geometry of The Aggregates," Cryst. Latt.Def. and Amorph.Mat., 16 : 257 - 260.

D.Cassi, R.Fava, M.Manfredi, H.Opyrchal, M.Suszynska (1987) "Fractal and Percolative Features of Aggregation Processes in NaCl:Eu2+ System Detected by Time Resolved Spectroscopy," Phys.Status Solidi (b) 139 : 527-531.

H.Opyrchal, K.D.Nierzewski (1979) "Photostimulated Low-Temperature Recombination Luminescence in g -Irradiated KCl:Eu2+ Crystals," Phys.Status Solidi (b) 95 :241-247.