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Trevor Tyson

Tyson, Trevor A.
, Physics
About Me

  • PhD, Applied Physics, Stanford University
  • BS, Physics, Andrews University
Awards and Honors
  • Dorothy Danforth Compton Fellowship, 1983
  • Achievement Reward for College Scientists, 1989
  • Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1991
  • Canadian International Fellowship of the National Sciences and Engineering Council, 1994
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellowship, 1994
  • Dissertation Award of the National Society of Black Physicists, 1995
  • National Science Foundation Faculty Career Award, 1998
Research Interests
  • Structure-transport correlations in transition-metal oxide systems: Local structural characterization of CMR materials and high temperature superconductors by synchrotron based x-ray absorption and scattering
  • Investigation of the origin of magnetic properties of thin films: Studies of the local ordering of magnetic atoms in GMR thin films, multilayers, magneto-optical films and antiferromagnetic oxides
  • Fundamental Atomic and Molecular Physics. Relativistic and correlation effects in atomic and molecular system.
  • Application of novel physics and materials science methods to the solution of environmental science problems such as heavy metal contaminant determination and corrosion prevention and detection
  • Determination of the relation between failure in bone and the structure of the organic and inorganic components. Studies of the function of transition metal active sites in metaloprotein systems: myoglobin and hemoglobin
Selected Publications

T. A. Tyson, Q. Qian, M. A. DeLeon, C. Dubourdieu, L. Fratila, Y. Q. Cai, and K. H. Ahn, "Observation of strain and temperature induced changes in the band structure of thin La0.8MnO3-d films", Applied Physics Letters 90, 101915/1 (2007).

Y. Xu, L. Axe, T. Boonfueng, T. A. Tyson, P. Trivedi, and K. Pandya, "Ni(II) complexation to amorphous hydrous ferric oxide: An X-ray absorption spectroscopy study", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 314, 10 (2007).

T. A. Tyson, M. Deleon, S. Yoong, and S. W. Cheong, "Local structure of multiferroic TbMn2O5: evidence for an anomalous Tb-O distribution", Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 75, 174413/1 (2007).

Q. Qian, T. A. Tyson, M. Deleon, C. C. Kao, J. Bai, and A. I. Frenkel, "Influence of strain on the atomic and electronic structure of manganite films", Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 68, 458 (2007).

A. Y. Ignatov, J. Graetz, S. Chaudhuri, T. T. Salguero, J. J. Vajo, M. S. Meyer, F. E. Pinkerton, and T. A. Tyson, "Spatial configurations of Ti- and Ni- species catalyzing complex metal hydrides: X-ray absorption studies and first-principles DFT and MD calculations", AIP Conference Proceedings 882, 642 (2007).

Y. Xu, T. Boonfueng, L. Axe, S. Maeng, and T. Tyson, "Surface complexation of Pb(II) on amorphous iron oxide and manganese oxide: Spectroscopic and time studies", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 299, 28 (2006).

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