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Haimin Wang

Wang, Haimin
Director of Applied Physics Graduate Program, Physics
460 Tiernan Hall
About Me

  • PhD, Astronomy, California Institute of Technology
  • BS, Astronomy, Nanjing University
Professional Societies
  • 1984-present: American Astronomical Society (AAS)
  • 1984-present: Solar Physics Division (SPD/AAS)
  • 1987-present: International Astronomical Union (IAU)
Courses Taught
  • Fall 2008: Phys 111, Physics I
  • Fall 2007:Phys 681, Solar Physics and Instrumentation
  • Fall 2006: Phys 111H, Honors Physics I
  • Fall 2004:Phys 777, Plasma Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Spring 2002: Phys 661, Statistic Mechanics
  • Fall 1999: Phys 231H, Honors PhysicsIII
Research Interests

Solar physics and phenomena of the atmosphere of the Sun and solar-like stars, including solar/stellar flares, sunspots, active regions, filaments and prominences, quiet Sun network. Measurements of physical parameters of the solar atmosphere, such as magnetic fields, density, temperature, and energy distribution of electrons and ions in the photosphere, chromosphere and corona. Radio emission from the Sun and stars, radio emission mechanisms, radio instrumentation and techniques. Microwave spectral imaging of the Sun and stars. High-energy solar physics, including hard and soft X-ray, extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) and gamma-ray observations.