An APS Invitation in the Spirit of Michael Faraday

Written by: Dean Maskevich,

The physics of gravitational waves, neurophysiology, superconductivity — these and many other scientifically timely topics will be discussed at the meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Physical Society (APS) to be held on the NJIT campus November 3 – 5. The meeting will bring together more than 250 participants representing leading universities, national laboratories and other research organizations. Convened with the support of the APS and NJIT’s Provost Office, the theme of the meeting is “Illuminating Our World.”

Members of the NJIT community not formally registered for the three-day meeting are invited to a lively — and at times safely explosive — demonstration of physics principles on Friday, November 3, beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Room 303 of the Central King Building. Presented by Dave Maiullo and his team from Rutgers University, the demonstration is in the spirit of pioneering physicist Michael Faraday’s comparable and very popular public presentations in the 19th century at London’s Royal Institution.

Admission to the Friday demonstration is limited to 120 on a first-come, first served basis.