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Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student and require a Physics course to be reviewed for transfer credit, you must bring the following documents:
1) A copy of the unofficial transcript showing the grades.
2) An official course syllabus or outline for each Physics course you are requesting transfer credit. Only a grade of C and above will be considered for transfer.
Bring the required documentation or email it to Ms. Leslie Williams located at 463 Tiernan Hall, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, email:
Transfer credit will not be considered unless these documents are received.
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the official transcript gets sent to NJIT Registrar's Office, Attn: Patrick Fields.
If you need a permit for a Physics course, you must apply for online at:


Departmental Examination Procedures

For departmental exam consideration, you must first speak with the Chair of the Physics Department, Dr. Andrei Sirenko.
Physics Department
463 Tiernan Hall
General Telephone Number: 973-596-3567


Approval to take a Summer Course at Other Colleges

NJIT students who wish to take a Physics class at another college (including Rutgers-Newark & Essex County College) over the summer must obtain prior written approval from the Physics Department.​ Students will need to complete and submit an “Approval to take a Summer Course at Other Colleges” form which can be obtained at this link. It is the student's responsibility to find out if the other college is offering the Physics course. The Physics staff can help you determine the correct equivalent course. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure he/she is taking the correct Physics course according to their major. 

NOTE: Students are not permitted to take a Physics course at another college during the Fall and Spring semesters except under unusual circumstances which will be reviewed by the Chair of the Physics Department on a case by case basis.
Exception for taking courses at Rutgers-Newark, Essex CC and RBHS in Fall / Spring: Matriculated NJIT students may cross-register for courses at Rutgers-Newark College of Arts and Sciences, Essex County College and at the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) during Fall and Spring semesters. Eligible students who wish to do so should follow current procedures as described on the Registrar's website.



Phys 102 CoAD                       Opyrchal, J.   Section 001     Section 003 
Phys 102 Non CoAD                Ahn, K.;     Georgiou, G.;     Gokce, O.;     Ravindra, N.

Phys 103                              
Professors                               Opyrchal, H.;    Georgiou, G.
Phys 111                        
 Thomas, G.;     Shneidman, V.;     Levy, R.;     Opyrchal, H.;     Chen, B.;     Russo, O.;     Wang, H.    

Phys 111H                                Prodan, C.
Phys 121                                  
Professors                                Tyson, T.;     Janow, R.;     Thomas, B.;     Shneidman, V.   
Phys 202                                  Gatley, I.;     Georgiou, G.
Phys 203                                  Maljian, L.     Sections  001     003     005     101
Phys 204                                  Dias, C.
Phys 234                                  Jerez, A.;     Piatek, S.
Phys 234H                               Jerez, A.
Phys 320                                  
Gary, D.
Phys 350                                  Dias, C.
Phys 420
Phys 430                                
 Piatek, S.
Phys 432                                  Piatek, S.
Phys 446                                  Sirenko, A.
Phys 611                                  Zhou, T.
Phys 621                                  
Piatek, S.
Phys 731                                  Zhou, T.
Phys 741                                
 Kosovichev, A.
Phys 791                                  Ahn, K.
OPSE 301                                Federici, J.
OPSE 310                              
 Opyrchal, J.

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