CNBM New Energy Materials Research Center


CNBM New Energy Materials Research Center, a public US corporation and sole owner of the world’s only independently formed tellurium mine in China, recently awarded NJIT a three-year, $1.5 million grant to establish a CdTe solar energy research center.  The new center will focus on improving the applications of CdTe semiconductor materials for use in thin-film solar modules.

CNBM New Energy Materials Research Center and First Solar (FSLR)

Solar panels using thin-film technology have already proven to greatly reduce the cost per watt comparing to crystalline based first generation Si modules.  First Solar, the world’s largest solar energy manufacturer in market capitalization and volume production, has achieved the 0.72 m2 panel production cost of $0.82/W with conversion efficiency of 11.2%.  It is building large scale solar farms in Arizona without government subsidy.  First Solar is by far the largest customer of CNBM New Energy Materials Research Center.




Cdte PVD Crystal Growth 2015



     US Patent 8,883,549


CNBM Showcase

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May 17, 2014

CEO of CTIEC (China Triumph International Engineering Corporation) / CNBM (China National Building Materials) Mr. Peng Shou and
CEO of Chengdu CNBM Optoelectronic Materials Company and Sichuan Apollo Dr. Jingong Pan visited our Center.

Photo 1:  Mr. Peng, Dr. Pan and the Center staff and students gathered at the dedication of the plaque of "CNBM New Energy Materials Research Center, NJIT"

Photo 2:   NJIT President Dr. Joel Bloom  met with NJIT Adjunct Professor Peng Shou, NJIT alumnus Dr. Jingong Pan, and CNBM Center Director Professor Ken K.Chin right).



   Chinese Partnership Fuels NJIT's Solar Cell Research

    To celebrate the Chinese New Year of Horse, and to honor CTIE/CNBM CEO Professor Peng Shou and Mrs. Peng, COE Apollo CEO Dr. Pan and Mrs. Pan, and CTIEC trainees studying at        NJIT, CNBM Center Director Professor and Mrs. Chin hosted a party at their home.


Photo:  from left:  Dr. Jingong Pan, CEO of COE Apollo and NJIT alumnus, Mrs. Pan, Professor Ken Chin, Professor Peng Shou, CEO of CTIEU/CNBM, Mrs. Peng, and Mrs. Rose Chin.

Photo:   Party of the Year of Horse Peng Shou, CEO of CTIEC/CNBM and trainees of CTIEC/CNBM studying at NJIT.