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Gordon Thomas
The academic programs of the physics department are aimed at educating students so they may participate in the research and development of the new technologies which are revolutionizing the world.

Sam Tun - Graduate Student

Sam Tun Video Feature

Sam Tun a doctoral candidate in solar physics discusses his research.

Big Bear Solar Observatory

Big Bear Solar Observatory Video Feature

The Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) located in Big Bear Lake, California is operated by NJIT. Our principal telescope is the 1.6 m clear aperture, off-axis telescope, the NST, which is in its commissioning phase.

Making Wooden Baseball Bats Safer

Ravi Ravindra Video Feature

Ravi Ravindra talks with inventor Leonard Smalley about his innovation in making wooden baseball bats safer for players, umpires, and spectators.

NJIT Innovations - John Federici

John Federici Video Feature

Ever wonder what's really in a cork? Ask NJIT's John Federici, who has a new use for Terahertz imaging: searching for divots and cracks in wine corks to insure quality.

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