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Approval to take a Summer Course at another College

NJIT students who wish to take a summer Physics class at a different college or university must obtain prior written approval from the Physics Department.​ Students will need to complete and submit an “Approval to take a Summer Course at another College” form which can be obtained at the following link. It is the student’s responsibility to find out if the other college is offering the Physics course. The Physics office staff can help you determine the correct equivalent course. IMPORTANT: In order for an NJIT student to take a Physics course over the summer at a different college or university, the students must have a 2.0 GPA or above.
NOTE: Students are not permitted to take a Physics course at a different college or university during the Fall and Spring semesters except under unusual circumstances which will be reviewed by the Chair of the Physics Department on a case by case basis.

Forms can be found at:


Phys 102 CoAD                    Opyrchal, H.
Phys 102 Non CoAD             Ahn     Shaik

Phys 103                              All  
Professors                           Opyrchal, H     Opyrchal, J     Gokce
Phys 111                              All
Professors                           Shneidman     Levy sections
010   012   018     Georgiou     Thomas, G
Phys 114                             Federici
Phys 121                            
Professors                           T. Tyson, R. Janow, K. Chin, S. Piatek, F. Mahmoudinobar, B. Thomas

​Phys 121 H                         Prodan

Phys 121 COE/APPH          
Phys 202                            
Maljian     Kosovichev     Georgiou sections  006    102     
Phys 203                            Maljian   002   004   006      Piatek            
Phys 234                            Jerez       Piatek        
Phys 322                            Gary
Phys 418                            Zhou
Phys 421                            
Phys 430                            Piatek                  
Phys 433                            Jerez                
Phys 450                            Opyrchal, J.        
Phys 451                            Dias
Phys 641                            Zhou           
Phys 687                            
Phys 721                            Piatek
​Phys 780                            Chen, B.
OPSE 402                          Sirenko
OPSE 410                          
Thomas, G.

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